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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sunday Night Skillshare: Food Themed Skills

Sooo...first off, sorry I ended up being largely absent from GT over the past few days. I was going to post reminders for this but i ended up really needing to have a media blackout on Friday, and this weekend turned crazy, what with hustling down to DC, the march itself, and then hustling back.

I’m hoping there is still a critical mass of people who are interested in this tonight, but if folks are really distracted by politics still, then maybe we can reevaluate.


The original idea had been to have a Skillshare tonight, with R.damascena and skymeat sharing information about food preservation, how to sousvide something, and I think a few other areas.

I’m going to put up 3 different threads in the comments.

Thread one is for R.damascena. I’ll ask some questions to start her off, and when she answers those, folks can chime in with followup questions.


Thread two is for skymeat. Same deal as above.

Thread three is an open thread for any other questions you might have about food preservation and preparation skils. (So, cooking skills questions, but also questions about canning, or anything else.) Also, feel free to share any resources here. (B0oks, online classes , etc.)

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