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Sunday...Oh Yeah

Productive Sunday! I am never this productive, but then again, I probably haven't cleaned in three months, either:

  • Woke up before my alarm
  • Skipped yoga
  • Made and ate copious amounts of pancakes
  • Took out my mountain of recycling
  • Took a 1.5 hour nap
  • Cleaned my bathroom sink and tub
  • Vacuumed my entire apartment
  • Swept most of the non-carpeted areas
  • Washed my bras
  • Tried to mop the floors but found out was out of cleaner
  • Graded some papers
  • Treating myself to a 1.5 deep tissue massage, which I will leave for in 20 minutes
  • Will pick up mopping cleaner and ice cream after my massage
  • Might actually mop my floors before bed

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