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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sunday OT

I’m contemplating going outside, but it’s just way too cozy and nice indoors. :p Plus liquor and chocolate

Thanks to Edie I’ve started using YNAB and I’ve become so much more mindful about my spending habits. Adding transactions right away has saved me some headaches and it’s nice to be able to monitor my budget in real time across all my accounts. That’s why I caught an error I did with a cash transaction. I shorted a mechanic by 10€, realized it when I input the data and saw that there was 10€ too much in my purse. I notified him and he’ll get the money on monday.
I don’t earn a crazy amount of money, but it’s enough that I should have a cushion for say a surprise visit to the bicycle workshop. That’s what happened the day before yesterday and is the reason why my budget is kind of blown for this month. But it’s amazing to see the effect down to the last cent and I still get to eat this month, so there is that. ;)
I also started to track all my book orders, finally differentiating between preorders and books that already got published and thus could arrive any day. The first gets an entry in my Google calendar, the latter is written down in a notebook. That way I can better judge how much money I should budget for books from month to month and how many books I can order/preorder.
Bike Maintenance got its own category and I’ll save a certain amount per month for sudden expenses. The big thing this month was long overdue and should’ve been expected. :p
What really helps is that I don’t have any debts, no car and don’t rely on public transport (it’s only a 30min walk to work if I can’t bike), so everything is mostly learning to prioritize and to not spend money on a whim.

How’s your Sunday?


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