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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sunday OT

Spent the morning between a lazy breakfast, watching Netflix, doing laundry and listening to the sweet sound of the roomba in my bathroom. Pants were on for only 30min when BFF2 came for a short visit.
I love Sundays, I love it in particular today, because it’s beautiful weather aka the perfect time for opening all the windows and not leaving the apartment (yes, I’m weird like that), plus I have Monday off, so it’s like a real weekend.
Since Friday I’ve been in the process of slowly unearthing the apartment and it’s going super well. Next month is buying the rest of the parts for my shelf that’ll contain all my bike stuff. It’s unbelievable how much I have aquired in the last months, so it’ll be nice having it finally all organized in one convenient place. My apartment is tiny, but it’s amazing how much I can fit in it without it looking super cluttered thanks to a relatively big hallway compared to the rest of the apartment.

The rest of the day is watching Netflix, cooking pasta, maybe going to town for some gelato with BFF2 and hopefully reading a bit. I have to many awesome books right here, but my attention span has gotten atrocious and extra pressure is not helping. So I just hope it’ll pass and that my books are patient. I even charged the kindle to be sure it’s working when I might pick it up.

Random thought: A (white) author I love recently posted a picture of a private party with friends/family, she is super vocal on politics, etc and all I could think when I saw the picture was how white it was. Maybe she invited all her POC friends and they all declined/couldn’t make it? Still, it was kind of interesting.

How is your day?


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