I know better, I know better. I know to just keep my opinions to myself on facebook. But sometimes I just snap.

Reasonably faux-woke white dude (average-looking, not some poor ugly dude) has a poor me facebook post about how he’s just worried since he’s not good looking he’s going to have a hard time getting a job in his profession. As someone who left that profession years ago, there was about a 1:25 ratio of good looking dudes compared to meh ones.

AKA while I understand insecurities, it’s not like he’s an ugly fuck trying to be a news anchor.

And people are tripping over their own dicks to be all “oh man, it’s all about your strengths and abilities and appearance isn’t what matters.”

So I point out that given that as a white man he already has plenty of advantages in the hiring process unavailable to others and that really getting the job is just being the best applicant in the small group getting interviewed.


To which he replies, “They see a boring ugly guy wasting their time before an unugly white guy interviews and blows them away.”

So, dude clearly doesn’t see any competition from anyone besides white man. Naturally.


I commented back that he needs to get over himself, that women are conditioned to think they are never pretty enough since childhood and we still manage to get jobs, and that basically for men “good enough” appearance is decent hygiene, not weird facial hair, and matching clothes.


Now I got some middle aged lady on my ass about it defending him somehow I think. No thanks, Brenda, no thanks.