Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I do have plans. So today will be a pants day, damnit. Graduationfest for the Geekfamily begins this weekend. My cousin just graduated college so my aunt is having us over, thankfully we're a chill family so it'll just be chilling and pizza or subs. After 3 more family graduations including my brother, throw in a baby shower and a bridal shower and I have a crazy and pricey June.

Random thoughts

-GT Twitter is exhausting to keep up with

-Guys I really want the NJ meetup to happen next weekend

-The Geekboy is working extra and I miss him :(

--I fucking hate job hunting, and after the two crappy interviews on Thursday it's worse


-Bailey's non-alcoholic creamer is DELICIOUS if a bit less potent

-I have a bunch of ground turkey but with the Geekboy working so much I don't want to make a meatloaf and have to eat it by myself for days. Does anyone have a good meatball recipe? Also I've never made meatballs so simple would be awesome


What's your Sunday like GT?

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