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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Sunday Recipes Thread!

Hey all lovelies! Long time, no see. I’m just taking it easy, chilling here in the Uz, waiting to go on vacation in a week (to SPAIN!)

We’ve been in a recipe funk lately. Good meat is either kinda expensive or we have a limited supply of it so I’m hesitant to try recipes that may not turn out well. Also, if I want our housekeeper to make dinner, I have to make sure it’s a recipe that has very clear instructions and doesn’t leave too much up to the imagination. Not that she can’t cook, but she likes following recipes and since this is a different cuisine, she doesn’t always know what it’s supposed to take list. To add to all of that, we can’t get all the ingredients in some recipes here. Fancy cheese other than mozzarella, cheddar or ricotta? Most likely not. Leeks? No. Red potatoes aren’t the same. Some vegetables/greens are very seasonal here, like spinach and peas.


So I figured, let’s start gather together some recipes to inspire some awesome Sunday cooking! Bonus points if they are tried-and-true recipes and/or have bright flavors.... because summer! I’ll also add a few of mine below.

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