When you have spent the weekend at Beyoncé's and Janelle's, you start thinking in only Beyoncé and Janelle lyrics. Listening/watching these two women over and over again all weekend has changed me in a way that is hard to describe. Have you ever had something click in your mind and it be hard to explain? Because that is what I am dealing with right now. I have been reflecting over their music and how it relates to my life. I have so much to unpack emotionally from these women and I don't even know where to begin.

I do know that I will now be saying "I woke up like this (complete with the Beyoncé Flawless hands) after every instance of the "Bitch, Please! I'm Fabulous" meme (because it is my favorite and will always be) in both real life and online.

Other notes:

  • Car had transmission troubles so I will be getting a brand new transmission for $300. (Warranties are great.) Still cannot afford school for next semester so I will be finding other things to do with my time(maybe try knitting again?).
  • Been having terrible dreams that something happened to my mother. I would like to reach out to her but(as said in top paragraph) I have so much to get through. I don't know if I would be able to handle any type of interaction with her.
  • Candy Crush remains evil...
  • My co-worker was telling me at work that he thinks the music (BeyoncĂ© and Janelle's)that I was listening to sucked. I told him "Let me look through this paperwork for some fucks....Nope. Sorry, no fucks were found."
  • I am suffering through Sleepy hollow and Scandal withdraws. Is there anything that can fix this?
  • Dad has been bringing stuff over and wanting me to come to the house lately. I know he is getting depressed from the separation and wants everyone together as a family but I feel I cannot do this. I feel that I need to put myself first. I want no more interaction with his wife. He wants everything forgotten because it is the past and we should just act like a family but it was clear from that day I wasn't part of that family.
  • Also, I applied for a new job and hope I get it cause I need the money.