What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

These days, it seems like the only way I keep my sanity is by cooking these days. Thank God for a large kitchen and a freezer, because cooking for one is simply not something I do.

A few of the things I’ve been making this week:

Proof that fuck-ups sometime work out? This is a chicken pot pie with pan dripping gravy and a cheddar dill crust. I literally did all the things wrong on this dish - I took my gravy off the stove too soon, then I added too much flour to it and had to scramble to thin it back out a bit. This was the OPPOSITE of what happened with my butter pie crust, which was too wet, but I’d run out of flour by then, so I threw random brown rice flour at the problem until it looked right. Then that up there happened. Yeah, I have no idea how that magic happened, either. So...yay?

Photographic evidence that chia isn’t just for ceramic pets.

I remain seriously dubious of the concept of chia pudding, so there’s a distinct possibility that I just wasted my last two cups of almond milk for nothing. I’m going in to rescue the mango, regardless. Has anyone ever made pudding like this before?


What are you cooking? Let's see it!