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Welcome To The Bitchery

Obviously, spoilers.

Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers.

There, now we should be under the cut.

First up, Once Upon a Time:

Regina was not wearing enough purple OR eyeshadow when she was Ursula!


  • Must all the Princes be pretty white boys? Sure, make ‘em pretty, but stop making them so bland. Bring back Lancelot!
  • Freaking Neal! He’s getting in the way Emma and Hook flirting. Maybe OUAT can make a special ‘OUAT After Dark’ episode where Emma and Hook flirt and make out and whatnot. HBO should produce it. I DEMAND MUSSED-UP EYELINER
  • When did Rumple become so dumb? EF-Rumple would have never have fallen for the Belle-Shadow bull.
  • Of course Snow wants another baby, and of course David is stuck in Neverland forever and ever. Except Neverland is run on belief, so… believe you’ll make it out alive and believe you’ll have a baby. It will happen. If you could also believe in Peter Pan living forever and just following the Scooby Gang around being snarky and causing kerfuffles, that would be great
  • Ariel needs to get interesting, fast. She can’t just ride on being a mermaid forever.
  • Are they ever going to bring up the ‘Neverland Indians’ or would Disney prefer to never speak of their portrayals of Native Americans ever again? Tiger Lily is a BAMF, though.

Next, Downton Abbey:

  • EDITH. Oh Edith. I wish you all the luck
  • ROSE. Oh Rose. I wish you all the luck.
  • Bets on how long it takes before Daisy just freaking snaps and beats Ivy to death with a rolling pin, then shows up on Alfred's doorstep covered in blood, yelling "NOW WE CAN BE TOGETHER. I LOVED YOU BEST."?
  • I am sorely disappointed that Lady Mary and Dude She's In a Snit With (names are hard!) did not start banging in the mud in the barn. But I must accept that this isn't that kind of show. As long as she doesn't settle for Napier. He's a bad man.
  • If Dude Mary's Flirt-Fighting With and Dude Mary was Proposed to By Earlier in the Season can get into a fight over her love that would be great

Who else watched??

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