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Hello my lovelies! Have you missed me? Have you felt you have NO OUTLET to brag about your accomplishments and get encouragement for your future endeavors? Are you FURIOUS at your Shiny for not posting last week?

Well one of my accomplishments has been wasting less time on the internet. NOT THAT DOING THIS POST IS A WASTE OF TIME. It is not. It is excellent. But I’ve been purposefully avoiding the internet when I can. I’ve been walking EVERYWHERE, I’ve been reading ALL THE BOOKS, I’ve been tutoring, and I’ve been hanging out with my IRL friends.

What I need to do: APPLY FOR SOME DAMN JOBS. One of my best friends wants me to move to NYC with her, and I’ve been unable to find a job in DC, so.... I’m thinking I’m going to shift my focus a few hundred miles north.


Tell me about your recent accomplishments, GT!

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