Plus, I didn't watch it at night if you want the trifecta there. (Sorry if this has all already been hashed over and over, but hey, I am off and catching up on my teevee and accompanying bitching-about-teevee tonight.)

It's just...sad. I thought she would give us a 'super fun' show about a girl who DGAF about not looking like everyone else, and having a blast. I was picturing Rebel Wilson doing like a slightly less drugg-y version of AbFab.

But all the side characters are mean. Richard is just mean. Good grief he is mean. He tortures the poor girl and for what. (He's not even 'all that.' The boys in 11A are way more adorable!) Jackie Weaver plays her mom, which could be PERFECT OMG. But she's just another mean person who tortures her. Her sister is just another cliched selfish skinny blonde person who is oblivious to her sister. Kendall is skinny and blonde and beautiful and SURPRISE is also completely vicious for no reason.

See, because people are either skinny and beautiful who treat others like shit or people fat and awkward who let others walk on them like carpets.


Worst of all, the jokes are so cliched. "Spanx are hard to get on!" "Heavy people trying on bathing suits!"

Was this show written by Rebel Wilson or Seth McFarlane?


I am disappoint.