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Super Hero Pets

Holy Shit. Mr. Peep & Duckie survived my incompetence.

I bought this auto~feeder contraption before I went away last week, to feed them every day because I love them, right? Gone for a week, it was programmed to feed them a bit twice per day. I tested the fucker multiple times. “All’s well!” I thought.


I came home. Their water was clear & fine & they were very swimmy. I inspected the feeder and my heart sunk. It seemed to still be full.

I fed them.

Then, I ran a test at 9 this morning. I put a small bread spit~ball on top of the feeder to see if the mechanism had, in fact, rotated to release food. We are nearly 10 hours into this experiment and the spit~ball is still there.

They should have had at least ONE meal by now from the automatic feeder, but they have not. Total fail, Krabby fish mom. Total & complete fail.

The pair managed to survive 7 days without a meal. I’m devastated that I was the cause & grateful that they are sturdy fishes. I knew Peep was a badass after surviving his journey home the night I adopted him. He apparently taught Duckie well.


I also have late, great Shorty dawg stories. What are your Super Hero Pet stories?

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