I am trying to catch up on reboot Dr. Who before the anniversary show on Saturday and ok yes, this is totally too late to start catching up but I've been busy. Sorta. OK, I just suck. Anyway, I knew that I needed to check out of the library and now I'm trying to find the fastest route to the end. I promise I will go back and watch the other episodes*.

I have completed Forest of the Dead, 10th Doctor, reboot series 4. I need to hit as many major plot points and characters as possible. I'm unemployed, so I have time but not enough time to watch everything. Does anyone know of a short-cut guide online? (I googled; I promise.) Or in lieu of that, would people be so generous as to point out which episodes that I should really not miss because they do a lot to further the overall plot?

*Really, I love Doctor Who but in 2008, I promised the guy that I was shacked up with that I would wait to watch the second library episode with him and then we got divorced and I fell off the wagon. I literally just restarted last night. I like to watch it with someone and I finally got someone to watch with. He's caught up, so he's ok with skipping episodes but he doesn't know enough to give me a catch up guide.


ETA: For people in San Francisco who love Doctor Who: one of the goth clubs is having Doctor Who night on Saturday.