I just have a few thoughts about sharing that are super important. I think sharing is awesome and we should all do more of it. The following is an incomplete list of some things we should share more of, in no particular order:

  • chocolate
  • cookies
  • booze
  • fries, onion rings, and anything else breaded and/or fried, particularly if there is cheese involved
  • nail polish
  • items purchased in bulk
  • shoes
  • bad jokes
  • good jokes
  • so-bad-they're-good jokes
  • recipes
  • advice
  • umbrellas, when they're large and/or we're of a similar height

Some things we should not share:

  • diseases
  • hairbrushes, when someone in class has lice
  • toothbrushes, ever, because that's gross
  • significant others, unless everybody involved is cool with it, in which case don't let anybody stop you from living your life
  • used Kleenex
  • used socks
  • really a lot of things that have been used
  • breathing space, because I love you all but I just need a little room to myself sometimes, okay? and also I probably need to brush my teeth
  • state secrets, within reason
  • lava
  • whatever song is stuck in your head, because contrary to popular belief I actually don't want it stuck in mine as well
  • umbrellas, when you're much taller than I am because that just doesn't work, no really, stop offering, it's not even raining that hard

Did I miss anything big? No? Cool beans. Now let's go share a rootbeer float. Only not actually, because I want it all to myself. Get your own.