Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have super-duper, baby-fine hair. Not like, "baby, you're fine!" Like, my hair is so wispy it hardly weighs anything. It's not terribly thin, pretty normal for a fine-haired person. It hits my shoulder/neck/back and pushes back up, so it makes this stupid pageboy style and I cannot get it to stop.

For those of you either with super-fine hair, or have dealt with super-fine hair, is there a product out there that will make my hair heavier without making it look greasy? I shampoo and condition, and use argan oil every day so it won't tangle and get knotted, but I'm wondering if a thickener or a heavier oil will make it hang better and straighter?


Any thoughts/suggestions/fuck-you-just-deal-with-its are appreciated!

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