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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Super random thoughts and also why do dudes suck

Some random things flying around before I tell a story.

-So the Geekboy and I got married in March I kept my maiden name mainly out of sheer preference, Geekboy has a super Italian name, and it just didn’t fit me. Geekboy (cause he’s awesome) of course didn’t care what I did one way or another. My in-laws who really are super sweet and adore me can’t quite come to grips with the fact that I’m not at least hyphenating.


-Geekboy’s sister is having a baby boy. The gender reveal party theme was Touchdowns or Tutus if that gives you an idea of what I’m up against.
I really really want to be mischievous and get a gift offher registry and something like an awesome children’s book about how girls play with trucks and boys with play dolls or the like. Something that will seem innocuous but I know will get under their skin.

-Geekboy has a friend who’s 27 and his girlfriend is only 21 they’ve been together over 5 years so if you’re doing the math she was a baby at 16. Very conservative upbringing and her moving out a couple years ago was a BIG deal, she’s still in contact with her folks but you know it’s strained. The dude is progressively becoming more and more controlling and we’re starting to realize the reason he really dug her was she was willing to lap up whatever opinion he had without question. Now that she’s older and has the audacity to be thinking for herself from time to time he doubles down. Like treating her like a criminal for wanting a third glass of moscato in 6 hour when we are at a bbq. Note this is the first year she’s ever tried alcohol and moscato is the first thing she likes.


-Oh and if anyone can page Honeysmacks I need to figure out if I’m in a polyamorous relationship.

EDIT to ADD: Book suggestions are super welcome! Some books for my nieces who are 6 and 7 would be great too. The books are sadly lacking in their houses.

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