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SuperBolan 133 Sabotage fun and classic Bolanblitz spoilers








This novel reminded me why Mack Bolan is my favorite character in literature. Strong morals believer in justice and protects the innocent. He is the American Don Quixote granted the original 37 novels by Don Pendleton were better, nay finest novels in pulp history.


This was fun, interesting. Granted the plot was not convoluted. None are. You knew who the villians were you just had to figure their motivations nd what linked to them.

Mack was investigating one link then another forcing him and his FBI partner. His partner wanted revenge on the former IRA mercenary who had killed her FBI partner. The merc worked for the main villian who wanted to destroy the military and economy. He was a Russian immigrant who became rich and a cable news owner yet hated the US. Also a member of the Chinese military was the third villian.


The novel centered around a truly classic Bolan Blitz. A blitz is taking out the assetts and money of the villians and forcing them to centralize.

Like a breath of fresh air after reading Feed by Mira Grant. Very much a standalone novel and good starter novel granted there are better novels in the series yet this contained all the elements of a classic Bolan novel.


Oddly this series is published by Harlequin under their Gold Eagle line. Never understood why they do not publicize this series or get it to the movies.

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