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Superbowl Party At Joe Jonas's!??!

Let's rent it! It's only 20k a night!

So, for some strange reason, Joe Jonas (that's the one with the reality show who released a sonogram of his daughter) is renting out his house on Super Bowl Weekend. He's even throwing in 4 tickets to the actual game.

Quoth the Jonas:

I’m Kevin Jonas, you may know me from my recent TV show with my wife Danielle. We are currently expecting our first baby girl and have moved out of our home to make room for our new family of three. But before we sold the house, we wanted to offer up the opportunity for both music and football fans to have the chance to stay there for the Super Bowl. And I'm even throwing in 4 tickets to the big game!


Dude! NO ONE KNOWS YOU FROM THAT TV SHOW! We all know you as that guy, with his brothers, purity rings, something something, Disney, group something something.

Also, sooo beige. Like, beige...a chameleon would kill itself living in that house.

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