Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, a customer had an unfortunate email communication with one of our project managers, where the customer’s tone really was not appropriate. At some point later, the customer and the project manager have a phone call where both are unsatisfied, pissed off and feel like the other one is being unreasonable. Unfortunately, I am the responsible account manager, the customer calls and threatens to terminate the cooperation if he ever has to talk to the project manager again. Which I communicate in a very clear manner to the project manager (while not willingly listening to their beginning rant - I left the room after 5 minutes).

Somehow this now got turned by her superior into my fault and I am the unprofessional one. Sorry, but not sorry. I can talk calmly and professionally about all the issues while you bring in ancient history. I may have shown that I am surpremely pissed off by you. But I am not willing to give you the lead after your team almost lost us a major customer. I can and will curtail your’s and your team’s direct contact with the customer wherever I can to avoid any more nasty surprises.


Please add your own (workplace) rants, should you have them.

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