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Welcome To The Bitchery

Warning ... this rant may - okay, WILL - contain plot details of the show Supernatural, so if you are one of the Groupthinkers who has recently started watching and are trying to avoid any specifics or hints of specifics STOP READING NOW.

That said: Okay, so I have been binge watching this show like a kid born under a curse downing demon blood. Seriously, obsessively, cannot stop watching. Seasons one and two - LOVED. Three was okay but I had some issues. Four and five I started seriously questioning. But now that I am in season six, I am in total "WTF is wrong with you show?" territory. Really? What happened? How did it go so absolutely sucktastic? There's a reason why when people are unlikeable they're described as soulless - it's no fun to watch a main character like that. And that whole Campbell family? They're a bunch of total asshats. I don't like a single one of them. I feel like I am getting progressively more and more sour ...


So, Groupthinkers who have watched the whole thing ... give me some input ... do I plow through the rest of this miserable season? Skip some or all of it and go to season 7? Season 8? Stop here and re-watch the season final of season 5 and pretend it ended there? Help me fall in love again.

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