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Supernatural Episode 2: Wendigo

— OOOh! Flashy words! With lightning! DRAMATIC.

— Wendigo? Didn't Charmed do this monster already?

— Really? You're gonna pee that close to camp? You deserve to get eaten by a monster in 5...4...3...2...1... EATEN!!


— Anyone wearing a cowrie shell necklace also deserves death, but since he just sent a video to someone who loves him, death is doubtful.

— Aw. Sam's got the guilty dreamy sadz.

— So, this is how missing persons works now? No, sorry.

— Character development!! My prediction: Sam's caution will cause the death/near death/grave injury of someone we're supposed to give a shit about in coming episodes.


— Oh, a hot sister? Of course! Creepy little brother is creepy.

— Really girl? You're gonna give him shit for improper gear but hike out in full make-up?


— Heh. Roy, you so manly with your keen eye for bear traps.

— Oh, Roy, you are far to excited to have all your gear yanked. Are you evil, Roy?


— Aw, tender brother moment. More character development. But you promised me no chick flick stuff, Dean.

— Eating human flesh makes you powerful? Jeffrey Dahmer must have been a super-hero!


— Eh. Cowrie Shells is still alive.

— Oh, OK, so this isn't the kind of show where I get to guess which of the guest stars is the monster? Gotcha. It's cool.


— Pfft. Smarmy, cocky bastard. Wink again.

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