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Supernatural in other shows

So I'm clearing out my DVR tonight and I just had one SQUEEEE moment after another. First, I had last week's episode of White Collar to watch plus this week's new episode, and who should show up but Crowley! Totally forgot he was the first bad guy Neal and Peter ever teamed up on to catch, and now he's up to Crowley-like tricks, scheming to get released. It was so great to see him play a manipulator, but have to tone it down a bit from the King of Hell routine. So ...

Definitely two thumbs up for Mark Sheppard in this role! Totally fun to watch, and it looks like it's going to be recurring for awhile.


Next up was this week's episode of Revolution. I have a love/hate thing going on with this show. So much promise, so much ... not met. All things considered, it's surprising more people from the Supernatural world don't show up here, since this is an Eric Kripke show. We do have the whole angry good/bad thing, a pseudo-brother drama thing going on between Bass and Miles, lots of swinging blades and stabbing people, so there are some commonalities, but that's about it. But it was such a nice surprise to see the gates of the little Texas town swing open tonight and see in ride some Texas Rangers (lawmen, not baseball players) led by ... Bobby Singer! (aka, Jim Beaver)

I have to say, at one point when his character said to Miles, "I'm not an idiot," I was really disappointed he didn't say, "idjit." C'mon, Kripke, toss us a bone! It wouldn't kill you every now and then to make this show a little fun, would it?

Now, maybe if they could figure out how to bring in Ellen and Jo - and hell, maybe even Meg, she was kinda growing on me - this show could head in the right direction.

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