Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I really had intended to update semi-regularly on my mainlining of Supernatural, but, well, yeah, that didn't happen. And now I've finished up through the first episode of the current season so the fun of my newbie reactions is gone. But, here, in no particular order, are some of the questions and reactions that I had as I went along, along with a few updates.

1) Does Castiel have some kind of angelic laundry power? His coat gets splattered with blood on a regular basis, yet nary a stain. WHY CAN'T HE COME TO MY HOUSE AND DO MY LAUNDRY? (Clearly, this was, in fact, an angelic laundry power since he has had to visit the laundromat since getting his wings clipped.)


2) Wow. Meg 2.0 is annoying. (She grew on me. I also was very sad that she didn't get to be the demon they cured. I was rooting for Megstiel. Oh, those crazy supernatural beings and their crazy sexiness.)

3) Why is Sam permanently out of breath? Is he only able to convey emotion through deep, loud breathing? (Still no answers to this one. The guy is in phenomenal shape, so really shouldn't be having to take that many deep breaths all the damn time.)

4) Dean and his own room. So cute. I am now in love with Dean. (Still find this adorable beyond belief)

5) MOAR GARTH (Isn't he that guy who was in that one movie where he got to snog Eliza Dushku? Look, Winchesters, this guy held his own with Faith. Cut him some slack.)


6) Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. *sigh* But his mom WAS pretty hot. (Wait. What happened to Kevin? Where are you, Kevin? Why can't you Winchester boys ever keep track of your prophets?)


8) Buffy would soooooooooo teach them a thing or two. (And the fact that we've had Buffy regulars as guest stars has given me nerdgasm. Especially Harmony as a whiny vampire.)


9) Why has no one had a Hunter training camp before? Why only crazy guy? (See how many things Buffy could teach them? Training camps are the way to go, kids.)

10) Oh. I see. Winchester men are just genetically not long on the common sense. Pretty, tho. And good with the book-learnin'. But common sense, not so much.


11) Why are angels always such assholes in pop culture? Or they're Roma Downey, which is worse.

12) Felicia Day is a goddess who walks among us and I love her unconditionally.

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