OK, I've managed to make it to about midway through season four. And I have some questions.

1) If other hunters can own houses and have jobs and stuff, why can't Sam be a lawyer and a hunter? Wouldn't some lawyering come in handy now and then?

2) Does Sam have the same shampoo allergy that Severus Snape does? Do they need to form a shampoo support group?

3) Can I ship Ruby/Castiel? Or is that not on? I still ship Dean/Castiel at the same time. I'm flexible. Actually, can we just lose Ruby? She kinda annoys the heck out of me.

4) So, again, if hunters own their own homes and stuff, why don't they put down salt lines IN THE FOUNDATIONS. Why don't they all have the anti-posession tattoos as a matter of course (and where did those suckers go? Because they are now conspicuously absent.)? Why don't they paint devil's traps in front of every window and door? They could cover them up with rugs and they would still be effective, right?


5) Why don't the brothers put down salt lines whenever they check into a hotel room?

6) Really. Why won't Sam wash his damn hair?

7) Why do they spend so much with clothing on? Why is there not more nakedness? I WANT RIKER LEVELS OF SHIRTLESSNESS. SOME OF US HAVE NOT SEEN ANOTHER HUMAN BEING NEKKID IRL IN OVER A YEAR (and that one was, well, less than fantastic, let me tell you) AND NO REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF SEEING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING NEKKID EVER AGAIN, MCG. WE NEEDS OUR EYE CANDY.


8) Bloody noses are NOT sexy. (That's not a question, just an observation.)

9) Sassy tough girl is a really annoying character trope. Find a new one, please. (Also, not a question. Did I mention Ruby is annoying?)


10) It is possible to make too many winky-noddy self aware jokes. (Yes, I know, also not a question.)