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Supernova Update

I saw it! On the 26th and again tonight. Just finding the galaxies was a challenge at first, so I was glad for a reason to be persistent. These deep space objects are actually really large, but the problem is that they're difficult to see because they're so dim. That's why you need a nice big fat telescope mirror to gather as much light as possible. SN 2014J was right there clearly visible in M82, and I was like yes, touchdown, thrills and chills and pure astronomical satisfaction. I can't see any difference in brightness tonight, though it's supposed to peak in the next few days. Not very hopeful about it hitting binocular level like they said — astronomers are notorious for hyping people up with pie in the sky crap. O rly, this upcoming comet's going to be so bright we can see it during the day? Tell me more. . .

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This guy got a really great widescreen picture of both galaxies, which are close enough to strip gasses off each other. I see things upside down and backwards through my eyepiece, but otherwise it's right there big as life!

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