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Supersisters Trading Cards

Why didn't I know about these? Evidently in 1978 a nine year old baseball card collector said to her mom, " why aren't there any pictures of girls on the cards? It isn't fair!" Feminist mom took this question very seriously and, when she and her sister canvassed their neighborhoods and discovered that the only prominent women kids could name "were either First Ladies or Charlie's Angels," they applied for a grant to make a set of baseball cards. They sent out queries to 500 prominent women and had to stop at #72 for budgetary reasons.


In the teaching guide they sent out with the card suggested these uses for the cards:

Supersisters cards can be used to:

1. Increase awareness of the contributions of women to society

2. Counteract sex-role stereotyping

3. Introduce a wide variety of career possibilities

4. Add to knowledge of current events and issues

5. Provide peer-approved reading and language skills material

The entire story is at ESPN-W (linked above). The complete set is digitized at the University of Iowa and you can also buy them on Ebay if you wanted to get me a (relatively) cheap birthday gift.


Here is #71, feminist icon and legendary badass, Shirley Chisholm.

Illustration for article titled Supersisters Trading Cards

Alright you graphically inclined people—where are my supersisters for the 21st century?

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