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Welcome To The Bitchery


Is it really bad luck for your spouse-to-be to see you in the wedding dress before the wedding? I just had surgery and can't lift my left arm over my head, and I just got my undergarments/slip in the mail. So I need help trying it all on before the wedding so I know if it works or if I have to go an find another slip elsewhere. The wedding is in a week.

FWIW, the dress was $35 at a little boutique shop place. It fits well, but it is sheer as fuck, so I had to buy some white foundation garment thing and a slip on Amazon because I couldn't find anything here that would work before my surgery.


I'm not really superstitious, but my mom freaked the fuck out when I told her that MitsuBT would help me try stuff on once it came in since I can't really dress myself right now.

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