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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Supervising Toddlers

So last weekend there was a surprise birthday party for my Annoying Sister-in-Law, organized by her husband, Mr. I's brother. We were going to go, but Mr I got violently ill so we ended up staying home. Apparently my BiL organized an event for 50 people (24 came) at a local restaurant/bar, without giving any thought as to who was going to supervise his 18 month old daughter. Our other nieces, who are 9 and 12, took charge for awhile, and their Mom, Mr. I's sister helped, but for a 3 hour + event, it was a bit much.

Anyways, at one point they took a break from babysitting and turned her over to her parents. Shortly after that, the 18 month old was lost. She was eventually found, on the floor behind the bar, playing with a knife. I don't know what it says that a couple of preteens were more attentive that the toddler's parents.


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