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Support a female film maker of tomorrow!

Hey GT! This a a bit of shameless promotion for my friend's fundraising efforts to fund her final film project for film school. The director is one of my favourite people in the world and in my totally unbiased opinion, she is incredibly talented and is going to be wildly successful in the not so distant future. You can say that you gave her a helping hand before she was famous ;)

Kinja isn't letting me embed the video for the campaign, so here's a link to their Indiegogo page.

Aside from contributing money, if you're in the Vancouver area and interested in kicking around with these cool kids for a day/want a free lunch, they are looking for extras for a day of shooting as well!


Thanks for checking this out :) If you're interested in checking out Sophy's other directoral work, she has most of her short films uploaded to youtube here.

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