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Support Professor Lisa Wade!

Hi guise!!

So with some really quick looking I found the contact info for the professor who emailed this to Gawker re: the Occidental College craziness:

The online trolls' work is "classic backlash," Occidental associate professor Lisa Wade, a sociologist with expertise in social inequity and sexuality, told Gawker in an email:

The men targeting Occidental's anonymous report form are mad that women are being listened to, that men's voices are no longer given so much power that they can effectively drown out the voices of women. They're mad because they're not the only ones that matter anymore. I get it. To them, it really does feel unfair. Something really is changing. They ARE being demoted — from a superior to an equal — and it feels wrong to them because they're so used to being privileged, to being the most specialest girl in the whole world.

She added that backlash was "a good thing. It means we're winning the fight. They're gonna have to get used to it."


She's ALL over social media, and has a twitter at @lisawade

Honestly, it sucks, but I'm sure she's going to be INUNDATED with assholes from MRAs etc with ugly stuff, so I thought if you 1. use the tweeter box and 2. have a sec, send her a nice message of support!

Honestly, if I wasn't swamped at work I'd send her an email, and as an academic her contact info is posted very blatantly online, so I'm sure she's waiting for the Tidal Wave of Jackass to hit, so nice things would be great.

P.S. one of her recent tweets is hilarious and shows that she's truly one of us.


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