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Support Queer Asian Musical Theater!

Hi ladies,

I know I haven’t Posted in a while, and some of you probably don’t remember me even, but I hope you can help me, or really, help my friend.

Melissa Li is a fabulously talented queer Asian musician. She and her also fabulously talented queer Asian poet friend, Kit Yan, wrote a musical based on a cross-country tour they took.


This year, Interstate, their original musical, was picked up by the New York Musical Festival and is being produced as a full, off Broadway production. Which is amazing!


They still need funds to produce the musical. So they started a kickstarter:

Time is running out on the Kickstarter. Can you contribute to the production of really great queer Asian musical theater?

I usually don’t Post stuff on the internet asking for money, or connecting my account to real life (except pics of my cat, naturally) but I think this project is amazing, and Melissa and Kit deserve our investment. They have both been honing their craft and nurturing this project for years.


If you’ll be in NYC this summer, you can also buy tickets! I’m going July 15th and I am excited.

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