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Even if you don't care about football (soccer) or sports in general, please sign this petition. It's calling for Manchester United, the world's most valuable sports brand, to commit some of it's £363m ($607m) operating revenues towards supporting women's football, including fielding a team of its own in the FA Women's Super League.

For some brief background, Manchester United purchased the operating rights to a women's team in 2000, but disbanded the side in 2005 following a change of ownership, claiming that fielding a women's squad was not in the "business interests" of the club. As the only team in England's top division without a women's side, the absence of XX-chromosomed* football at Old Trafford has become a distasteful stain on the club's reputation.

I am a full member of Manchester United, and a lifelong supporter, and it embarrasses me that we don't support women's football in the same way every other major team does. I would, without a doubt, be one of the many thousands of fans committed to cheering them on from the Stretford End (and happy to pay for it too), and the exposure it would bring to both the women's game and the issue of the gender divide in sport in general would be immensely positive. It's 2014 - there's no excuse to be stuck in the dark ages.


Fellow GTers, could you please sign your names to this petition and spread the word around - the management at United have made some positive comments about adding a women's team in the future, and this could be the show of support that pushes the idea across the line.

*Please, before you flame me as trans-exclusionary or whatever, I know that the gendering of sports participation is more complex than XX and XY chromosomes - I was just trying to find a non-repetitive way of saying "women's" over and over again!

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