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Supreme Court: this ain't no joke (GOOD NEWS!) now with 1 last update!

Last day of decisions for this term; Whole Women’s Health ruling coming any minute now.



5-3 decision, Thomas, Alito, Roberts dissenting.

decision can be read/dl’ed here:


looks like the party’s out front, if you’re in the DC area.

hmm, this is interesting: Only Thomas would’ve upheld the Texas law. Roberts and Alito wanted to remand it back to the lower court.


...there were two other decisions today: Voisine vs. United States, which was a gun rights/domestic violence issue. 6-2 decision: http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/15pdf…

The last decision is McDonnell; the SC has voted unanimously to vacate/remand the 4th Circuit’s verdict in the case. This is the case about the former governor of Virginia convicted on corruption. No link to the decision, it’s all just coming up blue for some reason

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One last thing: RBG’s concurring opinion:

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