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Suprise, it's your ex!

Lots of ex nonsense going with GT these days, and I have now joined the club!

My ex lives in a different country than me, but his entire family is in town for a wedding.

Ex has a little sister, she’s 17, and she contacted me and asked to meet while she’s in the country. Against my better instincts, I agreed.


I met her at the main train station in town and we went to a cute restaurant for dinner and (dodgy underage) drinks.

So far so good. But when we left the restaurant, ex and his mother were waiting outside. It was like a punch in the gut. I hate this man. He’s a liar, and an alcoholic, and an entitled douchebag. He lied to me, cheated on me, and accused me of faking the horrible attack I endured at the hands of my flatmate.

Turns out he had tried to convince his sister it would be a good idea to surprise me by coming to dinner, but she had shut him down, because she is aware that he is a ridiculous human being.

But he managed to turn up anyway under the guise of picking her up.

Then his mum took me by the hand and insisted they drive me home. And I agreed because I cannot be assertive ever.


On the plus side, I’m totally winning the break up! I’m happy, comfortable, loved, and a much better person.

In conclusion: Fuck that guy and his stupid games. I’m great.

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