Self: Huh, this article on Deadspin about [x] looks interesting. I'd like to read it.

Kinja: Okay! Here's that article about [z] you were looking for!

Self: No, that's not right. Okay, let's go back to the mainpage.... waiting... okay. So, that article about [x]...

Kinja: You mean [y], right? Sorry about before. I know you mean [y].

Self: No. Not [y]. You know, forget it, I'll just go to io9.

Kinja: Off to Gawker you go!

Self: Actually, I wanted i09

Kinja: Oh, my bad. Here we are, Jalopnik

Self: No.

Kinja: Totally not my day, amirite? But seriously, here's that random sub-blog about mufflers you wanted, you know, Mufflepuff.


Self: I am displeased by this. I believe I will register my complaints via blog. So, "compose post," begin typing, "Today I tried..."

Kinja: Whatcha doing?

Self: I was attempting to write a blog, but the text editor disappeared on me. Ah, here' it is again: "tried to..."


Kinja: Wow, that sounds frustrating!

Self: Indeed. "to po..."

Kinja: I hate it when I can't concentrate on something.

Self: Is this your passive aggressive way of getting me to put down my phone, or are you really that awful.


Kinja: It can be both?