I have posted here and there on GT about turning 40 and doing stuff that I've always wanted to do. One of the biggest things has been becoming a runner. I am slow, but still, I'm logging around 80 miles a month and feel super strong. One of the other things I've always wanted to do is learn to surf. I live in SoCal, so it is "possible". I already love to swim, so there's that. I told my husband that for my birthday this year (which falls in July), I'd like to camp out on the beach and get one of those 2 day surf class packages. I have a few fears. One, I don't know if I'll be able to stand up on the board. I don't know if I can go from laying down/ paddling to jumping up. Two, I am 40 and while I am comfortable in my own skin I don't want to be the "old lady" at the surf class. I don't mind being old, but I don't want to hold others up/ seem like some doofus who thinks she can surf. Any older people who picked up something like this late in life? Is this one I should let go?