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Yesterday I got home after a day at court and in my office, made dinner for myself and Child (Spouse teaches late on Mondays, so it’s mac & cheese & hotdog coins) and then decided I’d go for a short (6-mile) bike ride.

I needed to take a letter to the post office, so I did that, then my blood sugar went low so I walked into a little grocery across the street. The smell and feel of the place just struck me, reminding me of a place I used to go in college. And then this song came on in the background (OK, Eric Clapton’s version, but still):

John Martyn recorded this in 1973, and while I had heard of it, I didn’t hear it until I met up with my first four friends in the grad school dorm in 1981, one of whom had Solid Air on LP and a turntable set up in his room.


I probably hadn’t heard May You Never in more than 30 years, but it sent me right back. I still think it’s pretty good.

What’s been sending you back these days?

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