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Surgery success?

I'm alive, at least. In a considerable amount of pain...but alive.

The surgeon said everything went well, but decided I can't work until at least the 28th. Which means quite a bit of unpaid time off until my short term disability benefits kick in on the 24th.

My boob hurts so bad, you guys. Worst pain of my life so far. I woke up as they were wheeling me out of the OR, and the anesthesiologist looked surprised, did something to my IV and then I passed out again. Woke up again in recovery at a 10/11 on the Allie Brosh pain scale. They gave me three doses of Fentanyl, then 2 Demorol, and then finally Dilaudid when none of those worked. All of that combined made me breathe too slow and they freaked out an put another tube in my windpipe and made me breath pure oxygen for about an hour. Then they gave me a percocet and sent me on my way. I've been taking 2 Percs every 4 hours since, and it hasn't even put a dent in the pain. And my throat hurts.


But I'm alive. And they let me keep the socks. Here's a most unflattering pic of me before the surgery. Oh, and the gown had a built in warmer! And the bed had a warmer too. It's a nice hospital.

Oh, and MitsuBT is taking great care of me. He is currently on a quest for fried chicken, but I had to beg him to go because he didn't want to leave me. He finally agreed when I promised I would stay on the couch until he gets back.

So I'm hanging out in GT. What's up, guys and gals?

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