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Surprise! Exposing catcalling will get you rape threats.

So, remember this video from yesterday?

It's already attracted rape threats. (I know, big surprise.) Hollaback got involved to get the comments reported, thankfully.


"The rape threats indicate that we are hitting a nerve," said Hollaback director Emily May. "We want to do more than just hit a nerve though, we want New Yorkers to realize — once and for all — that street harassment isn't OK, and that as a city we refuse to tolerate it," she said.

I really, really hope this creates a larger conversation.

I want that video seen by every dude with an internet connection.

I've met so many men who either don't believe it happens (because they never see it happen with their own eyes, and haven't considered that there's a reason for that), or know that it happens, but only have a vague sense of what it's actually like to be female in public and to be leered at and groped and whistled at and commanded to smile and to have rude gestures made at you and to have explicit things shouted at you (or worse, whispered in your ear as you walk past).


A video can't ever make men feel the fear/shame/embarrassment/anger/nausea that street harassment causes, but it can still do a lot to demonstrate what a million little acts of misogyny on a constant basis can look like. It helps explain why a "compliment" from a stranger can't be understood outside of the context of women's objectification and the constant threat of sexual violence that women have no choice about existing under.

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