Have you guys heard of "Does Someone Have to Go?" It came out in May, and it sounds just awful. The only reason I heard of it is that there's a petition to get it off the air.

So here's the premise: a business is failing. What could possibly be the cause of this business failing? There's no possible way that it could have anything to do with management, so let's set up a battle between the workers so they can fire people they don't like! That doesn't sound at all insensitive to the massive amount of Americans struggling to keep or get jobs in this economy!

The management hands control to the employees and tells them to fire 3 people. They also broadcast everyone's salaries to everyone in the company. This way, they can properly fix the toxic environment, which is entirely due to a few bad employees, and not because the management is set on making a terrible competitive environment where people have to backstab their coworkers in order to keep their own jobs.

Apparently, in the first few episodes, the employees also decide to fire the two lowest paid men, who are both black. One tearfully begged to keep his job, as it's one of two jobs he holds in order to support his family. But I'm sure race had nothing to do with it. It certainly wasn't addressed in the show.

So, maybe go sign the petition. Though sometimes I wonder what the point is, because Fox will just fill the programming slot with a new, terrible, offensive reality show.