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Surprise: Many Gawker Commenters Are Jerks

(TW Suicide/depression) There's an article on Gawker about the death by suicide of Ned Vizzini, who wrote the semi-autobiographical It's Kind of a Funny Story, among other things. It's a sad story. I never read the book, but I enjoyed the movie (as much as one can enjoy a movie about severely depressed people).

So this guy, who has clearly struggled with depression for a long time, lost his battle with this awful disease. It's fucking sad. And he had a wife and young child, which is just awful; I'm so sorry that this happened to them. What I don't get is all of these commenters who are saying he's a cowardly, selfish asshole. What is that? How does that help anyone or anything? I don't understand how people can be so entirely unempathetic. Maybe they've all had people close to them kill themselves and they're still angry about it?


Whatever it is, I wish they knew that most people who kill themselves don't really feel like they have any other choice. Depression sucks and it lies and it distorts everything and there is no rationality in it.

Can we make Allie Brosh required reading for everyone?

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