Backstory: My mother in law was in town this weekend staying with my husband and I before packing up and moving to Virginia, across the country from us, in just a few days after she officially retires. She bought a house there near the water with her partner-in-life Don* ... it's a little house with a dock and they have a little boat. They've been going to their Virginia home for the past couple summers, and have been really excited to move there.

So this morning we're having Sunday Menudo โ€” #insertbreakfastbragging โ€” and we're talking about her move and her place in Virginia, and she starts talking about some of her neighbors. And then she tells us this story.

Did I tell you guys how Don went in to the boat shop and the boat guy asked him what I am? Like he said, 'So what is she? Like, what ethnicity or what?' And then Don told him 'Well she's Hispanic.' And then the guy goes, 'OH I KNEW IT. I just knew she wasn't American!' Now I wait outside and Don goes in the boat shop, but we still have to go there because it's the only boat shop around.

To fully explain the irony of this, my mother in law's brother (uncle in law?) is ex-military and ex-law enforcement at a **high** level โ€” like white house clearance. My brother in law is special forces. The whole family is U.S. military and has been in the U.S. a long time. She's probably way more "American" than Boat Store Owner.

This is her story and I feel a little weird telling it, but I haven't been so surprised in a long time. I'm not sure why this got me, it just did.


* Not really his name.