Yesterday I spent the whole day thinking it was Thursday. I don't know how I managed this. When b/f mentions it's friday, I get excited as this means we would be eating out at one of my favourite bistro's, and we might even get to go to the cinema.

I also start planning all the chores I will do on saturday (since I thought I had another day to do them!), and how I will definitely go to the gym.

So many good intentions!

In the end we end up going to a bar after some friends decided to meet up at the last minute. I was not at all keen and sulked majorly at first but some of these people are moving out of the country for a while soon, so....


In the end it was actually super fun, but we didn't end up leaving until 0345, got a cab, and were up until 0430 foraging for food in the kitchen.

Consequently it is now gone 1300, I've only been awake about half an hour, I have a headache, and b/f is still in bed. God I drank so much yesterday. It was UNWISE. It didn't get to spinning room point, but even without that....urgh.


I basically refuse to do anything today.

I'm just trying to work out if the ratio of "fun and seeing people" justifies the consequence of "completely unproductive day".


How am I still shattered?!?!?!?!??

I hope you all have way more interesting/productive Saturdays than me groupthinkers!