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Surprise! White guy doesn't think fiction has an adverse affect on how women and minorities experience real life

This is from Monday so I’m late on this, but WHAT THE FUCK dude. I take Hamno with a grain of salt but this is just absurd. I am also annoyed that the comments are more or less horrible, with plenty of jokes about us psychotic feminazis from Jez.

FYI, HamNo: fiction is rooted in real life and the imagery we are surrounded by has a direct affect on the way we experience those different from us.


FYI: HBO Shows Are Not Real

It’s great to see people speaking out passionately for social justice. So it pains me to tell you that you’ve accidentally been directing that passion towards a world that is total fiction.

This is an embarrassing conversation to have. Believe me. But if I had something stuck in my teeth, for example, I’d want someone to tell me about it instead of being “too polite” to mention it even as everyone laughed at me behind my back. Likewise, I feel compelled as a friend to tell you this hard fact: HBO shows are not real.

They’re just made up stories.

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