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and the inevitable still surprises me in the worst possible way.

You Group Thinkers have writing as your gift. I don't.

I have other things in my arsenal, like a big mouth. A big lady mouth and I use it.


Me= M. Guy=G.

Blurpity Derp... ask the Bartender for the backstory of his/her customers. I'm telling a long story to short story.

G~ leaves & comes back. By now, his friends are there.

G~ "Hey, will I see you again?"

M~ "No. Word on the street is that you have a beautiful Woman."

G~ "Doooohh!"

M~ "Haaa!"

G~ "She has cancer." (under his breath, but loud enough for me & his friends to hear, plus the bartender.)


M~ "That is FUCKED UP." (His friends are flinching)

M~ wait a beat because I can't believe he said it.

M~ "That is FUCKED UP."

G~ "It was a joke!"

M~ "Fucked up. Cancer is never funny."

Coat zipped, walked out.


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