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Surprising lack of stress and GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!

So, that was sort of amazing. I had the child custody mediation with Separated Asshole today, and it went.... well. Wow. It's like he suddenly turned into a reasonable human. He wasn't nasty and argumentative; he wasn't overly demanding; he was polite and even sort-of accommodating. (He did, at one point mention that he's supposed to be getting a raise soon and that his dad would kill him for telling me because it would raise his child support. Ummmm..... it's the law. You HAVE to tell me. You're not being super-awesome-nice-guy by not breaking the law.) So, this is me:

But, I'll wait until I get the write-up of the agreement from the mediator and then take it to my lawyer and we'll go from there.


Also, I HAVE AN INTERVIEW FOR THE MUSIC TEACHING JOB I'VE BEEN SUBBING FOR!!! It's tomorrow afternoon, and I'm all excited and wish me luck and stuff!

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