Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Surprising personality traits

So last night I dragged my boyfriend to a hip hop show where the featured acts were Spank Rock and Big Freedia and I had a blast! He didn't enjoy it as much, but I knew it wasn't exactly his scene. On the way home he said he was actually really surprised that big booty hip hop concert would be something I'd be into, given that he knows me to be an awkward, anxious, and soft spoken person who hates crowds.


He knows I have a background of going to raves and clubs in my youth, but he still doesn't associate that with the quiet NPR listening gardening and crafting nerd I am. So his mind had a little disassociation with this person he knows me to be and the person I also am.

Do people ever get surprised by some aspect of your personality that they don't associate you with? Are there things some people would be surprised about you that they don't know?

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