Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Survey Says!

I’m in the middle* of writing a book review for my class and need to gauge how well-known the subject of the book is in the general public. Please take thirty seconds to respond to my one question survey.


Also, this is not July Madness so please don’t take the survey more than once although I’ll probably repost it a couple times over the next week to try and reach as many people as possible. Feel free to post it around to anywhere else you might think people need to waste thirty seconds.


Also, in case this inspires any discussion avoid the comments until you have taken the survey because spoilers will REALLY screw up the data.

*Not actually in the middle, I just need these survey results to reinforce my conclusion** and I’ll be done.


**I know that I can’t use an internet survey to support my conclusion but...

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