Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Spoilers below Tyson's magic:


My thoughts on tonight's episode:

  • I WANT TO MARRY WOO. How adorable is he with his ninja stealth and his Sonic the Hedgehog thing. It was ridiculous but absolutely adorable. I think he'll win fan favourite this season unless something big happens.
  • Spencer! What an episode for Spencer. I was not expecting him to come back from his errors/bad fortune and he did! Not only by winning that immunity challenge (which I thought for sure would go to Woo or Trish or perhaps Jefra) but also by finding the hidden immunity idol. That's 6 days of safety.
  • Kass is not playing so well. She said at Tribal that she doesn't consider herself a part of the alliance which came as a shock to them but she still voted with them. I'd be surprised if she lasted much longer. HONESTY IS NOT THE BEST POLICY IN SURVIVOR, KASS.
  • I'm not sorry or happy to see Morgan go. She was a non-entity as far as gameplay was concerned. She would have made a good goat to bring to the final but with any potential 'goat', how long do you keep them around until they start to wear you down? The only really annoying goat in the last little while to actually make it to the final was Philip Sheppard. Most other so-called goats just were strategic non-entities/loyal alliance members.


  • Dalton Ross' recap on EW
  • Dalton's Q&A with Jiffy Pop
  • The Know-It-Alls Recap with special fill-in host Aras! on RHAP
  • Recap with Jerri Manthey on Afterbuzz TV
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Special programming notes:

  • Dalton Ross will be talking tomorrow with Tyson & Rachel on EW's Sirius XM channel.
  • Rob Cesternino will be talking with Malcolm Freberg on RHAP.

To close us out here's Malcolm's thoughts on his season's would-be goat, Abi-Maria (who he is good friends with now):


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